Our Philosophy

The authentic hospitality we offer derives from our philosophy based on the principles of honesty and respect for people and the environment, our persistence in simplicity and our constant care of the detail.

“Our priority is the equilibrium with nature. Growing up we were taught to respect and protect all that nature so generously offered us and pass it on to the next generations”

Continuing the tradition of their old olive grove Fani and Stavros, the owners of the hotel, biologically cultivate it, while preserving the included rich Mediterranean flora. They thoroughly check all aspects of their hotel and they personally take care of their guests.

The environment

In a land full of “olives on the terraces, donkeys, daffodils and no turtles ever…”
Patrick Leigh Fermor

Earth, rocks, weed and olive trees set the scenery in which the complex was conceived, designed and built.

One and two-floor buildings alternate as if they are trying to hide within the olive grove. Their design reflects the architectural tradition and the natural landscape. Local aromatic plants, herbs and flowers of the area, beautify the outdoor areas connecting the buildings of the complex.

The sound of the sea, the Mediterranean light and the aromas of the land amplify the hospitality experience and the sensation of pure happiness.

The hotel is built within an old olive groove of 4.5 acres, gently uniting it with the impressive beach of the village, Ritsa, only 1 km away from the center.
The complex consists of 24 residences, the reception and the restaurant. The ground floor buildings hide between the olive and citrus trees, while the two-floor building have spectacular views of mount Taygetos and the Messinian bay.

The staff

With a friendly mood and hard work people working in Elies offer, each from his/her own post, wholehearted and authentic hospitality.

It was thirty years ago when the persistent effort of Fani and Stavros started.
The restaurant and the first ten residences were the beginning. Since then, both the family and the employees support as best they can their philosophy and vision.

The experience

Elies is about simplicity and connecting with nature. It is the ability to enjoy alone the serenity of the area and/or to share beautiful moments with family and friends, or people of the area (local or guests).

The staying experience in Elies has multiple dimensions. One can choose to be active or aim to relax. Either alone or with friends. Either with locals or with guests.

It is a living experience that requires all senses: light and colors, sounds of nature, aromas and flavors. The possibilities offered are many: water or mountain sports, walks and hikes in various old paths, village entertainment, interesting excursions or simply time of relaxation.


The 24 one-floor and two-floor residences are placed as if they are trying to hide within the olive grove. The unexpected simplicity of their interior, inspired by the unparalleled Mani architecture, is distinguished by the pastel degradations, the comfortable sofas, the practical small kitchens, the elegant bathrooms, the wooden floors and the impressive wooden roofs.


  • Guests of each house can enjoy the beach and the sea on comfortable sunbeds under umbrellas, allocated to them at no extra charge. Coffee, juices and snacks are served on the beach.
  • Guests have the ability of preparing breakfast by themselves in their room. To this end, fresh local products (bread, eggs, honey, yogurt, season fruits and vegetables) are provided every morning, at no extra cost.
  • Elies is a very friendly and safe environment for children –even for really young ones-, with easy access to the beach and various spaces which will serve as their playground.


It is not just about the pleasure of being served on beautiful tables underneath the olive trees, with geranium flowers jumping out of the pots, nor the squeaks of steps on pebbles, but it is mainly the food -where all of the Mani aromas and flavors are captured.

Olive oil, olives, fresh vegetables, selected local meats and fish constitute the exceptional raw material for authentic Mediterranean flavors, at their best version.

Opening Hours : 08:00 – 23:00


Our young visitors will enjoy their vacation at Elies as much as the adults will–if not more!

Elies is a very friendly and safe environment for children, even for the really young. The young vacationists will enjoy times of freedom, will play at the playground, will explore the beach, the salty rocks, the olive grove and they will make new friends.

All children activities are carried out with respect to the rules of operation of the establishment and the cohabitation with the rest of the guests.